After stem cell how long do you stay in hospital

White cells recoverd to 1 red cells slow yo come up slight infection maybe chest infection on scan what's next step?

  • It depends on your recovery,  once your Neutraphil, platlets and red blood cells count are closer to normal,  you will be allowed to go home.


  • Hi ....... it all depends on what levels your blood counts are especially your Neutrophils and if you have any ongoing infections. They wont allow you have until you are in a fir position to leave the unit.

    I don't have Myeloma but have had two Allo (donour ) Stem Cell Transplants....... I got home on day +17 for my first SCT then day + 20 for my second SCT.

    We do actually have a dedicated Stem cell transplant support group where you can talk with others who have navigated the SCT journey.

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