Hello, new girl living with cancer ❤︎

Good evening, I have spent the last couple of weeks reading through all of your posts…I had a small mark on my left heel and was told not to worry about by my dr.. I was then told it was a verruca in January…. In March this year I asked for a second opinion as it had become a lesion…After weeks of antibiotics my Dr finally referred me to another dermatologist by this time I couldn’t walk properly… As soon as she looked at I was referred to another hospital and to an amazing consultant… On the 28th May I had the tumour removed for biopsy. Due to its placing I had quite a bit of my heel removed… On the the 10th June I met with my specialist and as soon as I walked in I knew what he was going to tell me! A beautiful cancer nurse was also in the room… What I wasn’t expecting was to be told that what had been removed was Primary Stage 4 melanoma… After that it has been a whirlwind of tests and scans. I had a PET Scan 5 days later to see if the cancer had spread…last Wednesday I received a phone call from CN to say it hadn’t spread to my major organs but 1 lymph node was swollen and there was a small mass in my breast…I’m having a mammogram on the 6th July…Then the week after I will have WLE & SLNB and I was told that they will restage cancer… As you can imagine like yourselves my whole life has been turned upside down… I’m still recovering from last biopsy and still can’t walk unaided. I have been told that I will not be having a skin graft and my wound will heal itself but I will have to learn how to walk again… I’m a very strong lady who loves life so I’m taking it one appointment at a time…

I know this is a long message but after reading all of yours it has helped me to know I’m not alone Heart

  • Hello Scousemouse!  Thanks a lot for writing in.  Your attitude is exactly right & will hearten others.  Taking it as it comes resounds with me, for I do that, I believe it the only way.  Things areeally happening to you, and for you.  I always say that I have complete faith in them, they are high specialists, and will do the best they can for us.  The nurses have assured me that they will be ongside me whatever decisions are made, they will not abandon me for any reason, which I find deeply comforting.  I’m as happy as a bee, helped by my own little tricks for keeping my spirits up:  the radio, nice clothes, good writing, favouririte telly progs, a glass of wine...  I’m just sorry that you are not mobile, that is hard for you - can they not give you a boot, or one of those walkers which support one leg?  BestFour leaf clover wishes xx

  • Goodness me, what a journey. Thank you for sharing. I found this forum helpful too to hear others’ stories and share. Wishing you all the best with your mammogram. x

  • Hi Saltmarsh,

    Thanks for your positive reply Heart️ I have a special shoe/boot and crutches to help me get around but the wound is in such an awkward place (inside left heel) and is open. 
    Im so glad I’m not the only one who enjoys a wine. One if my beautiful friends brought me a cheese board and a nice bottle to enjoy over the weekend xx

  • I love a good journey Ames8 and thank you for replying xxx

  • Yum!  Enjoy indeed.  You have a cracking attitude for a v horrid problem - rock on Sunglassesxx

  • I can highly recommend wine and good books. Both let your mind rest for a while, in different ways. I don't recommend them both at the same time though! 

  • I have enjoyed the wine this evening and the book will wait for tomorrow Franminimanxx