Scan results shock

Yesterday I had my pet ct scan results showing that originally my stage 1a melanoma is now in my lymph node in my armpit and  1st rib, it's now stage 4. I'm struggling to get my head round things, 

I start combination immunotherapy in a couple of weeks, The consultant explained all the side effects of this treatment and that it will slow it down for 5-7 years , Think I'm on auto pilot trying to keep life as normal as possible 

  • Oh my love, I really feel for you….   (Esp as not far behind you).   Good luck and God bless.  Make the most…  x

  • Thank you x hope your doing well, such a worrying time 

  • Crumbs, that must have been a big shock. I think sometimes you have to go into autopilot mode and that’s okay. I guess talking through your feelings with someone will help. Though when I feel like I can’t talk to anyone about how I’m feeling I write things down just to myself and that helps me organise/articulate my thoughts and feelings. Also thinking that 5-7 years can be quite a long time in the field of medicine and you’ve no idea what other sorts of treatment options may become available in that time, so nothing’s written in stone. X

  • Hi Puppy Love, first of all I just want to send you lots of love Heart️ You will feel like your on autopilot, I felt the same when I was told that the tumour they removed was stage 4…,I had Pet Scan and and it showed a lymph node and something in my breast. I’m having a mammogram next Wednesday then having a second WLE & SLNB the week after.. It looks like we are on this journey together… Always here just a message away xx