Lymph nodes

Stage 3 melanoma just had groin lymph nodes removed and once healed will be on treatment. 

I should have celebrated 5 years reaching end of monitoring but it all came back so many removals and now lymph nodes.

Unexpectedly told they think I have a hernia so now worried got to sort that out! 

Try to focus on good things but just weary. 

  • Well, that’s a bummer, Sez, so sorry.  Life can be very hard.   Hope experience helps you to come to terms with it soon, and that you feel better when you get going on the next stage.  Maybe you canncourage yourself with some well-deserved treats along the way; you should still celebrate having come so far.  BestFour leaf cloverwishes.  Good luck & God bless.

  • Sorry you are dealing with a recurrence. Its especially disheartening after 5 years NED. Also the more reason for us to self monitor and see a derm for life. Surveillance scans will end for me at the 5 year mark. 


    Melanoma Stage 4