Hi everyone, can anyone help with travel insurance ?

My Dad had a third of his lung removed last year due to NSCLC. He was considered no evidence of disease for a few months afterwards but we received the devastating news on Friday that he now has a malignant pleural effusion and the disease is incurable. I would like to send my parents on a cruise but am struggling to find adequate travel insurance and my Mum won't go without having full cover in place. Does anyone know of any companies who will provide such insurance or does anyone have any experience of going on a cruise with the condition?

  • I am in the UK headed to New York and also wondered if anyone had advice about travel insurance providers! THANK YOU!

  • Hi Redkat, cruise lines are very strict when it comes to medical insurance, and with someone with a cancer diagnoses it is not cheap.  I have cruises before, but not since the pandemic, and I think that insurance has become more difficult since then. 

    There is a travel insurance forum you can join where people have recommended insurance companies. Travel insurance forum for cancer patients

    I think it is better to phone these companies, rather than do an online enquiry. It is not impossible, but you may have to contact a few before you find the right one. Good luck, xx 


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