Still waiting and wondering

Hello everyone,

I feel like an imposter all over this site lately- I have been bobbing in and out of different forums.

Basically my issues started a few months ago when GP decided based on anemic blood test result to refer for Endoscopy and Colonoscopy. (Varying symptoms but the most worrying one was and is weight loss- over a stone since April - everyone was saying oh no it's because you are walking so much etc but I am almost menopausal and would normally find it very difficult to shift weight even with vigorous walking! (I was about 9 stone, now I am under 8)

Other major symptom was and is throat clearing (almost constant but ineffective). I didn't realise until today that doc classes that as a cough. Also some shoulder pain, night sweats (thought menopause) and fatigue (likewise)

Anyway the endoscopy and colonoscopy were clear and I had an added abdominal and pelvic CT scan same day, which doc today said all clear (minor issues- diverticulosis, gastritis) but that's all.

So now he said we need to look at Chest x ray/ scans. I'm really so scared now because I feel like so many weeks were wasted and it will most probably take another 2 or 3 to get these tests. Symptoms still here and I don't feel positive. I have 2 weeks in France booked for mid July (last time I'll have a proper family holiday as another will fly the nest next year and COVID took care of last 2 years). I want to be able to enjoy this Summer and time with my teens but I am sick with worry again and I feel like I have done nothing else for about 3 months- It's a lonely old place your head when you are worried! Sorry everyone........


  • Hi Feedon, I can understand how worried. It is terrifying waiting for scans and results, and try as hard as you like not to think about it, it is impossible to put it out of your mind.

    It is great to hear that the endoscopy and colonoscopy are clear. There are a number of reasons why you have this cough, but unfortunately you will not know until you get these scans. I hope you don’t have to wait too long, and get some answers soon x 


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