Hi Everyone thank you for letting me join. My husband was taken into hospital with Sepsis which thankfully looks to be on the mend, unfortunately there is a mass in one lung that has a slim chance of being an infection. They are pretty  sure it is a primary but are awaiting the results just needed a group who are going through the same thing as at the moment it is really scary.

  • Hi Heather,

    Yes it’s a very challenging time. I hope the results will come through quickly as waiting is the most difficult thing. Try not to use Dr Google as it’s often out of date. Much better to come here or to the Roy Castle site. I found I had a mass as part of a Lung Health check. This was in February. There are a number of follow up investigations and then a decision about treatment. Everyone is different but the staff at my hospital were lovely and explained everything. I also have a dedicated cancer nurse.

    My treatment plan was the removal of most of my right lung perhaps followed by mop up chemotherapy. I had the operation 4 weeks ago and am slowly recovering.

    I’ve spoken to the MacMillan nurses a couple of times when I’ve been in a panic and they’ve been really helpful. 

    Indo hope everything is resolved quickly. My thoughts are with you. Xxx

  • I meant to say initially I was just shell shocked with plenty of fear of the unknown. It has got better xx

  • Hi Heather

    I hope you have some answers now about the nature of the mass and a treatment plan if tests have revealed that it is lung cancer.

    When you get a chance, update us with whatever further information you have.  No matter what the testing showed, someone here will have had a similar result.