New here, hi!


Just thought I'd introduce myself, my mum was diagnosed last week with lung cancer, thats all we know at the moment we don't know what type, she hasn't had a biopsy etc etc. I've been lurking since then reading everyone's posts and experiences, so thought it was time to say hello, seen as it looks like we will be sticking around!

I just want to say thank you, as reading everyone's posts has answered some unanswered questions, and also made us realise that cancer is not always a death sentence.

We are currently preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, if anyone has any advice for me, it's welcomed. Advice on how to support my parents through this time, anything small that people just appreciated. 


  • This effects the whole family doesn't it? My husband started his treatment last Monday..... Somehow there is more of a calm now he has started........i am so immensely proud of him.... 

  • Hi - so sorry to read about you mum. I’m new hear too. My mum was diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC 5 weeks ago and it’s been a rollercoaster ever since. We are currently waiting for her oncology appointment on 10th March to discuss the treatment plan but crossing fingers and toes she can have immunotherapy! It’s a hard time and things can feel like they take forever. I think take each day as it comes and be led by your mum’s wishes. My mum is only 54, and this is honestly the worst time in our lives but I just let her talk when she needs to and we fill our time with making plans. It has all happened so fast for us that some days it does feel real. Some days are harder than others. Just be kind you yourself in this too - it affects the whole family. Sending you and your family lots of love x

  • Thank you for replying and sorry you find yourself here too. My mum is a similar age to yours, she's 52. And our youngest sibling is only 15 Sob

    Sorry to ask questions, but, why is it so long between being diagnosed and seeing an oncologist? This is what kills me, I'm a very impatient person anyway but when it's something so serious I do wonder why it's weeks we are waiting for appointments!

    Thank you for the advice, I'm trying my best to just be there when my parents need and not be too overbearing. 

    Keeping my fingers crossed your mum can have immunotherapy, and sending lots of love to you and your family also xxx 

  • It really does effect the whole family. We're hoping for some answerd tomorrow, mainly about the type of cancer n if it's treatable. 

    Good luck to your husband, stay strong Heart

  • Oh that’s so awful - my youngest sister is 22 - I’m the eldest of the 5 of us siblings and even at 34 this is absolutely the worst thing our family have been through. The waiting is the worst bit. My mum had been noticeably poorly since October - sounded like a nasty chest infection, the doctors just kept prescribing antibiotics without seeing her and then she started losing weight (she was never a big lady, only ever weighed about 7.5 stone - now weighs 5 stone) and her voice went. She told us that she knew it was serious but just hid things from us. She wasn’t ready I don’t think to face up to what was wrong. But she said in hindsight it probably started this time last year when she developed a cough and was out of breath walking up the stairs. It all came to a head for us 5 weeks ago when we found her completely disorientated in her flat, she could even tell anyone her own name. The initial bit was quick when she went into hospital- they did a chest X-ray, CTs of chest, abdomen and pelvis, and a brain scan and the initial bronchoscopy all working 4 days. She then went back to see the respiratory team and the cancer nurse lung specialist within the next week. Her appointment for a further bronchoscopy and to try and fit the stent was the following week and then…..nothing. From her Last bronchoscopy to the 10th March (appointment with oncology) will be 4-5 weeks (despite being told we would be seen working 2 weeks). When I chased this they told me oncology could see her sooner but that they wouldn’t have the lab results to be able to do her treatment plan. So we have to wait til 10th! It worries her because it has already spread to her brain, pancreas, kidney and adrenal gland and so time is something we don’t really have. But they seem confident that she will be receiving treatment in a timely manner. I believe once you have a treatment plan it takes a another week or two to schedule in the initial appointment so from point of diagnosis my mum will have gone 2.5 months before treatment. Just seems ridiculously long. Not sure where you are and what hospital your lovely mum is under but you maybe seen a bit quicker if your lab can work quicker xxx

  • Hi

    welcome …… yes we are all in the same boat and like many others absolutely hate  my husband was diagnosed with it 2 days before Christmas 21 saw consultant January stage 4 NSCLC cannot operate hope to shrink it

    started immunotherapy 2 weeks ago 2nd treatment next week

    I wanted to know why immunotherapy ( cos up till then I’d never heard of it!) and if the biopsy has a certain ‘element’ then it’s immunotherapy which we are very thankful for keeping everything crossed it works

    Hubby has hat on we have a plan and it’s going to work

    inwardly I just don’t know

    Didnt know I had so many tears inside me

    Good luck…….

    Keep in touch


  • I am in a similar place to you. Its 2 30 am and tears can't or won't stop falling.... I try and be upbeat in the day but the nights are so long...... I just pray the immunotherapy with his other 2 chemo  work....... And in the morning I put my lippy on and put on a smile

  • It's a similar story here, my mum hid things too, they both sound like stubborn women lol!! thankfully she didn't hide it for too long, I'm so sorry your mum's cancer has already spread to so many places, it's absolutely heart breaking isn't it, and sometimes as the eldest sibling (I am too, age 27) we seem to junmp into the role mum had before gettimg Ill, which when you have your own family too can sometimes be a lot!

    I can't believe how long it's taken since your mum being diagnosed and having those tests to starting some treatment, it really annoys me because unfortunately with cancer, any type of cancer, time isn't something to be played with and I can only imagine what you and your family are going through.

    We are in South yorkshire, mum should of had a phone call from the hospital yesterday but it never came. So now we are back to the awful waiting all day to hear any news. Sending u all lots of love, always here for a chat xxx 

  • Hi Bess

    So sorry you find yourself here, fingers crossed the therapy works for your husband! I know what you mean about not knowing you had so many tears. I am 100% not a one to cry, I never cry. But since last Thursday I have literally done nothing but cry. 

    Sending u lots of love and positive vibes xxxx

  • Sending you lots and lots of love, I know what you mean about how hard the night time is, we have a 5yr old, so through the day she distracts us mostly along with usual other day to day duties, but once she goes to bed, boom. It's me n my partner alone with our thoughts and that really is the worst time for me.