Hi everyone, not sure where to start, my husband and I are in recovery from covid, my husbands breathing got worse, Dr sent him to hospital for xray he got admitted hospital, had  a CT scan he has lung cancer, he has had a biopsy etc, awaiting clinic appointment now, the wait is making feel on edge daily,thinking the worse. The the tumor is pressing onto his heart so not sure what treatment he will have yet, we have our ups and downs just feel like our world is in turmoil, he's only 50 does not smoke. Has anyone had the same type of tumor pressing on the heart, what treatment did they give, any advice would be helpful. Thank you. 

  • Hi Nikki42, welcome to the group, but sorry you find yourself here. The waiting for results from all the tests and scans seems to be never ending. I am not surprised you are feeling on edge. The fear of the unknown is a terrible thing.  

    It is impossible for any of us to say what treatment your husband may receive, as everybody's cancer is unique to them, so no 2 people are the same. Hopefully the wait will be over soon, and you will know what treatment your husband will have, 

    When a loved one receives a cancer diagnoses it is so terrifying. Talking to people in the group does help you to get through this difficult time. The Macmillan support line is also available 7 days a week from 8am until 8pm on 0808 808 00 00 

    Take care x 


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