One thing after another

My dad was diagnosed in feb with stage 4 lung cancer along with brain and adrenal mets, he received 4 cycles of chemo and 5 solid days of radiotherapy, none have seemed to keep the cancer at bay.. he is having immunotherapy at the moment but has only been able to have 1 session due to ending up in hospital the same night with chest sepsis and chest infection, he later returned home to be blue lighted to respiratory ward not even a week later (where he still is just now) he was on oxygen for 8 days (pneumonia) and had a chest drain put in, the drain is out after 6 days of draining (apparently it’s continuing to fill with fluid)  I’m worried sick as he doesn’t seem to be getting better, his belly and ankles&feet are like balloons but is looking really thin, his breathing is still pretty bad he is grey in colour and just isn’t my dad anymore Sob Not talking to anyone no eye contact and just sits and stares  
I personally don’t know what my dads prognosis is (as I’ve never asked/nor never been told) 

I have a partner at home along with 5 children and trying to run a house but my dads needs me more than ever right now as it’s only really me I have two little sisters but there still children they can’t do all the running about I am. 

doctors/nurses don’t seem to even have a plan going forward I can’t even get straight answers off anyone. 

  • Dear mummy2boys 

    First of all I’m so sorry to hear your father is so unwell. This is the toughest and most awful time for you and him. If you can just try to spend some time with him, do try to. He might not connect with you much but you will be happy you just sat with him while you could. I know this from bitter experience so I hope you don’t mind my suggestion. The medics, they may not have a plan right now other than getting him through this infection he has. 

  • Thank you so much, just sitting with him knowing he has company makes me happy as I know he’s not alone I will always have his back, but I worry what goes on in his head, he’s a very deep man and very proud he doesn’t let any emotion out but I know he’s scared of what’s ahead I don’t want him going through it alone