feeling depressed

Today I’ve been for my second CT scan so in a couple of weeks I will no the results. Hopefully they will show the cancer is stable and being very hopeful there could be more improvement, so I have my finger crossed. I’ve been very down for a couple of weeks for a number of reasons. My meds have been messed up by the GP, and I had to sort that, then the pharmacy messed up the prescription so far it’s taken me 2 weeks to get some meds and I still don’t have them all. M employer is also making life difficult, I seriously think they don’t want me back at work

For the last week or so I’ve been struggling to eat. The back of my tongue is very sore and dry, so I spoke to the consultant yesterday she prescribed some mouthwash, which was duly delivered and I started using today. I have been monitoring my tongue and mouth generally and today I discovered some lumps at the back of my tongue. I don’t have a clue what the are and the specialist nurses have finished for the weekend so I can ring and ask there advice and I don’t know if it’s serious enough to ring the RSU as this is for emergencies regarding treatment, on the other hand I’m really struggling to eat and I feeling very tired and weak. Any advice would be welcome 

  • Oh Hamhat, sorry I have inky just seen your post. I am so sorry you are feeling down. Waiting for scan results certainly puts the strain on things. 

    The issue with your tongue sounds very sore! Have you called the NHS111 to get some advice? Xx 


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