A question about referrals please ?

Dear All, 

my husband has not yet been formally diagnosed. We were told in A & E a month ago that it’s 90% certain the masses in his left lung are cancer however we have now been told that he has an appointment with the ‘ respiratory consultant’ next week . Is this usual ? 

any knowledge or thoughts welcome ? 


  • Hi whatever Next. I had to see the respiratory consultant first before I was passed to oncology, even though I had already been told by my GP it was lung cancer after a chest X-ray.

    I am sorry that it has already taken a month to get to this point though. I know you just want the answers as to what is going on with your husband, but there are so many tests, scans and possibly a biopsy that needs to happen before you get a diagnoses. I believe these tests will start with the respiratory consultant next week xx 


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  • Dear Chelle, 

    thank you for your answer. 
    that’s very helpful. 
    You’re so correct I am trying to understand what is going on. 
    I just want the treatment in place. 


  • After a scan I was referred to a respiratory consultant first as well, followed by more investigations before a treatment plan was agreed. I’m now waiting for a lobectomy, hopefully within the 6 weeks. I just wanted to add my voice to Chelle’s reassurance. The waiting is not easy. Xx

  • Whatevernext , Im sorry to hear that you and your husband are going through such  a tough time. x

    I asked the exact  same question as you  a day or two ago.

    I'm seeing a Respiratory Consultant tomorrow. I won't lie I'm dreading it.

    A few weeks ago II had a shoulder xray that was looking for a torn rotator cuff. They saw something in my chest at the edge of the xray so I was then sent for a chest  xray., 

    Then immediately marked as urgent for a ct scan.

    Appointment for Respiratory Consultant arrived swiftly afterwards!

    Do you mind me asking what the Respiratory Consultation is like? Do they discuss the scan with you? And do they diagnose you (even though its not an official diagnosis)

    I hate all this not knowing.

    Of course if you are busy I understand.. xx

  • Dear Harebelle,

    im afraid to say the respiratory consultant gave us the devastating news of just how bad things were. We haven’t even seen an oncologist as the prognosis is no treatment and end of life care. 
    however I will stress that I think this is the worst case possible and also very unusual.

    the waiting is terrifying but I thought it best to answer your question honestly. You may be in a completely different situation. I hope you are. 
    respiratory Consultants deal with all things lung related from benign to malignant.

    You will know so much more after you’ve seen him. In the meantime take care. 

  • Thankyou for being frank about things.

    You must still be in a lot of shock.

    In some ways I want to go in on my own.  I don't want to put my partner through anything.upsetting.  it's almost as if I'm trying to protect him.


  • My husband was diagnosed in A&E.... After 40 hour wait for suspected clot.... This was 13th January.... By 14th Feb he was on his first treatment.... After numerous scans biopsy PET scan...... He was diagnosed stage 4 palliative.... I felt the world had caved in....... He has completed 4 x triple therapy with excellent results.... Now on immunotherapy plus a trial drug starting 10th June..... He is well... (he wasn't ill before hand)...... We are buying time...... Keep chin up..... The waiting is horrendous.... But I am treasuring every day we have now. Even planning a trip to corfu in August!! Well why not?? Sending hope