Morning everyone, I’m up bright and early today ready for my second round of chemotherapy. Feel positive this week and I’m hoping that that continues. Wish me luck please


  • Morning 19june61 good luck with the chemo today. I know the hospitals are a much stranger place at the moment, and people have to go for treatment by themselves, but I hope you have lovely nursing staff there. Hope you are back home with your feet up before you know it x 


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  • Thanks Chelle. My son was able to come with me the first time so that was a bonus. The hospital staff were lovely last time too so fingers crossed for today. Daunting nevertheless but needs must BlushBlush

    I hope I feel this positive this afternoon when I’m back home.

  • Hiya. How are you feeling 

    mum had her second chemo and immunotherapy at 1 oclock Today, 


    you are ok x


  • Hello lovely, yes I’m fine thankyou. Had my second session and for the next four days after that I felt pants! Not poorly, just urgh… I call it my chemotherapy hangover Blush

    Yesterday and today I feel a lot better! I’ve managed to get a cancer buddy too. That’s someone that I can talk through my worries with (I have lots of those Disappointed) and discuss my really dark days with. If you want some info for your mum or you, let me know. I’m still struggling to get a face to face conversation with a counsellor but I’ll keep trying. I’m more positive today too but I think that’s because I don’t feel so rubbish.

    Anyway enough of me, how are you and how is your mum?


  • I’m so glad the treatment is going well for you and your handling it amazing,  it is so scary and there should be access to councillors, 

    my mum has her 2nd treatment today at 1, she was really ill after the first one and caught an infection and ended up in hospital, so she is so scared and worried that the same will happen again, 

    but she has been eating and drinking plenary and said she feels bk to how she was before cancer diagnosis , 

    how many more treatments do you have to hve ? Xx

    i just wondered how your sons are bet there  looking after u xxx 

    at least the sun has made an appearance today, Sun with face xx

    Lots of love to u xx

  • I’ve got 4 treatments in total and I think that’s normal from what I’ve read of other peoples journeys. My sons are being great to be honest but I don’t like to put on them too much - although I know I can if I want to. I bet you’re exactly the same with your mum Kissing heart  I worry about them a lot Face palm♀️

    I’m handling it as well as I can, it’s not easy by a long shot and during my horrible days I think why me??? But they’re few and far between thank goodness. It’s a journey for all of us but we need to stay strong, drink plenty of water, eat as well as we can and be prepared to say, actually I can’t be bothered today so I’m not. That’s going to be my new philosophy on life JoyJoy

    Has your mum got 4 sessions too? And then a scan? 
    who is looking after you? Don’t forget you need some support xx

  • Hi my lovely 

    yes I will do anything to help mum she has her partner of 20 years who wants to take her to chemo , but I go to my mums before work every other day , but this week I went Monday and Tuesday and then I got go work at 1, and today she has treatment ,

    Yes my mums is 4 rounds of chemo there’s 3 chemo drugs and one immunotherapy, every 21 days , 

    because my mum had an infection they have booked her a ct scan on Monday , but that’s only because she had infection and is routine at the hospital, but if she hadn’t had infection it would of been after 3rd treatment, 

    i have my partner but he isn’t very supportive been with him since 2006,  he never had a relationship ship with his parents so he don’t understand how it feels when the person u love the most who have you life , is now very poorly, 

    I can’t sleep I have my phone on loud all night I wake up constant checking phone , I’m frightened every time my phone rings, x. 
    it hurts so much that I can not do anything to cure this, xx I feeL useless to my mum, 

    I think why my mum , when there’s evil people out there ,  why is this happening to decent kind people, 

    I have a 5 year old little girl and my mum did so much childcare , so al that has changed now, and my mum only gets to see her on Saturdays,  ( I don’t fin work til 8pm) so to late to even think of going my mums, and little one is now going child care and after school clubs, so it’s been such a huge change here for us, xxx 

    but my little girl takes my mums mind of things when she is there and it’s lovely to see xxx 

    have you got a good support system xx