13 rounds of chemo and struggling

Hi just wondering if there is anyone here who has had multiple 3 weekly rounds of palliative chemo . My dad is struggling!  scans show stable disease but his symptoms are progressing and he is getting horrendous side affects after chemo with little relief inbetween the last 2 cycles , blood all ok so not anaemia or anything , he’s just so breathless and has flu like symptoms though no temperature , he is hot and cold ,also his throat is so sore he can barely swallow . He doesn’t want to let anyone know as he’s petrified of going into hospital alone 

any help appreciated 


  • He needs to talk to his team about this.  As it's palliative chemo they can play with it a bit to reduce the side effects.  They also need to assess which symptoms are chemo side effects and which ones may indicate disease progression.

    Palliative chemo is about improving quality of life.  If the chemo itself is having a negative impact on his quality of life then the plan needs to be reassessed.

    Is he currently under the care of an oncologist or a palliative care specialist?

  • Thankyou , yes he does but he won’t let them know he’s bad as he wants to continue with chemo to prolong his life ,I have emailed our nurse