Our dear friend Gina

It is with a very heavy heart tonight, that I have to say the words I never wanted to say. Unfortunately our dear friend Gina, passed away this morning, at the hospice, with her family by her side. What a brave, caring, funny and wonderful friend.  I promise I shall continue to fill the lifeboat with newbies as they arrive. I’m only sorry they will never get to meet the wonderful you. God bless.

  • Oh no - the news I've been dreading. I've kept looking for her posts over the last week or so. My God that girl deserves a medal - so young and beautiful with everything to live for.


    God bless you Gina  - you are now out of pain and with the Angel's.

    What a wonderful human being - so caring always full of good researched advice. You never felt alone with Gina around I am so very sad HeartSobBroken heart God Bless you lovely lady xxxxx   

  • Oh My...

    When I first came onto this site in the early part of this summer, surfing around trying to find my feet, I happened upon a post by Gina which led me to her bio.

    I was utterly amazed by all she had endured for one so young and I can tell you that her journey and all of her subsequent posts inspired me to be as positive as possible - just like her...

    Always happy to give knowledgeable advice with a wicked sense of humour you will be sorely missed.

    I so wish we'd had the time to get to know each other better.

    Rest In Peace beautiful, lovely Gina

  • God bless you Gina,

    The baby of the group who guided every one of us on this journey. Time and advice for everyone, even after you’d just had brain surgery (even though we had to decipher it ourselves).

    I am so angry that after all that you have been through I am writing this now.

    You will always be with us Gina, part of our little group, we will all take you with us the rest of the way.

    Pancoast Tumour - My Story will be there for all time, you will be helping people for years to come.

    It was an honour to know you Gina and I will miss you 

  • Knowing this was coming doesn't make hearing it any easier.

    Gina touched so many lives in such a short time and will continue to do so through her main thread.  She leaves an amazing legacy and will be deeply missed.

  • Such sad news.She was so young and a great help to us for advice I will miss her.

    Even though we know the outcome it is always a shock when it comes.

    RIP Gina RoseRose

    Each day a blessing stay strong 

  • Although we knew this was coming it is still very sad , such a wonderful girl , the first to answer my post  when I was very scared , she helped so many , this site will not be the same , god bless you Gina. 

  • God bless you Gina

    The heavens have gained an angle with a beautiful heart

    You will be missed by all on this site

    your inspiration and enthusiasm will continue to live and will be remembered by all of us

    you inspired me when I thought I had no hope- thank you Gina and god bless you

    Sleep well

  • So very sorry to read such sad news. She was so generous in sharing her experiences to all those looking for advice, support and direction.

    Sleep tight Gina, you will be missed x

    “And I am not frightened of dying, any time will do, I don’t mind. Why should I be frightened of dying? There’s no reason for it, We’ve all got to go sometime.” Pink Floyd
  • Goodbye dear Gina 

    Brave. Kind Caring, you fought your last fight ,will miss you ,x

  • That is so sad, Gina helped me when I first joined this forum RIP Gina you will be sadly missed