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Hi I am now 5 weeks post radiotherapy I had 30 sessions,  Every day I felt things were improving pain minimal, appetite returning, energy levels up, skin on neck improving. All was going well but this last week I have found myself sleeping a lot my energy levels are zero my appetite has gone, food and drink all taste of nothing and the dark thoughts have returned.

I am hoping that this is normal because I was really enjoying feeling almost normal ?


  • Good evening Terry, it can be quite normal to have side effects like this but  i would get you checked by your consultant especially as it has happened all of a sudden. Sometimes it happens after we have left the care of the consultant and their teams and are left on our own to carry on with the recovery, also early days of depression can cause this. I find it hard to believe anything sinister is happening so soon after your treatment but not unheard of . This is why i recommend you see your consultant a.s.a.p , it could also be something completely unrelated to the cancer. How is your weight doing? Hopefully, it's just a small hiccup on the road to recovery, please come back to us if you need more help. You could also post in the head and neck group as its a more active group which i also belong to. Take care.

    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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