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Hi all,

I am now on day 18 of 30 radiotherapy treatments for laryngeal cancer.

Before any diagnosis I weighed in around 102 kg which for my height is too heavy I am 5ft 11"

So I tried to lose some weight and on diagnosis I was 94.6 kg. On day 18 I am 90.4 kg

To be honest I am fed up with being told to keep eating and keep the weight up. The pain on swallowing is oppressive I try to eat little and often but even soft food like ice cream go down like razor blades.

My question is what would be normal weight loss ?

many thanks


  • Good evening Terry, i have never had trouble with being too heavy im the opposite but have now stabIlised at 10. 5 stone which is 66.5 kilos, at one time i was 8,5 stone. If you are struggling with swallowing could you not ask to have liquid food supplements on prescription until your swallowing has improved. Im suprised you were not offered a feeding tube either a PEG or NG. I would not worry about losing weight at this moment in time as long as you are taking the correct amount of calories etc, its all worked out on your B.M.I weight, height etc . It sounds as if your weight is coming down gradually which is good as i expect you feel a lot better about it. As i said as long as you are happy with how things are going then turn a blind eye to what they are saying. At least with food supplement drinks, you know what your intake is,im sure you can be referred to a dietician, plus it will give you some relief from swallowing as much. I wish you all the best in your continued treatment and recover, take care. 


    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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