Larynx cancer symphtoms

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I decided to write here because I have many throat symptoms for many months and it scares me a little bit. Im 38 . I have been a smoker for many years and I quit 8 years ago because I felt terrible

I was terribly short of breath even after a little exercise and I was  spitting phlegm with blood

But didnt gave any problem with my throut that time 

the symptoms that have been bothering me for months are the feeling of an obstacle in my throat on one side ,difficulty swallowing, low grade fever , tiredness and also chest pain sometimes ,hoarseness , sometimes I even lose my voice

Does anyone had symptoms similar to me? 

  • Hi AlwaysHope27, i would suggest you see you G.P and as for a referral to see an E.N.T (ears nose and throat ) if the G.P cannot see anything obvious, ie an infection. This way it will give you peace of mind and give you a proper diagnosis, don't be frightened in approaching the G.P or consultant as they will only be too pleased to see you and get the problem sorted, the earlier you do it the better rather than let it drag on. I did have larynx cancer but I did not have these symptoms so it's always hard to say what is causing these problems. All the best , take care.

                                                                 Chris .        


    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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    Thank You Chris 

  • I doubt very much it is that. I only had difficulty swallowing nothing else at all. I am surprised you dont go to a doctor before you come here. I suppose you have been by now although you dont seem to come back and tell us about it.