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Hi Everyone, me again. 
I'm still very  swollen 8 days after my operation! Is this normal? Also the slice he made to remove kidney to side of my belly button , I feel like I'm going  to remain with a shelf/over hang! I don't have a big belly but (some ladies) have a podgey lower belly, well he's sliced to The side of this and I don't think even when it's not swollen it'll look normal! I'm now worrying that I'll have an odd empty space with tummy overhang. Other side not like it.? Just my left side . I'm walking all around the house and garden all day long with about a 20 min rest etc . So I thought that bloating would be right down to zero . Am I just impatient??? 

  • Hi I only had a partial but it took weeks before my tummy was back to normal I am very very slim too but my tummy was puffy and big a good while. Try not to worry as I am sure it will settle down. It’s a major operation both partial and radical. Some of your other organs such as your liver get moved out of the way too. Take care x

  • Thank you Cilla xx 

  • Hello Jd19801

    I have not had surgery for my cancer, so can't comment on your questions directly.

    But your last comment about walking around the house and garden 'all day long' to try to remove the bloating sounds a bit too enthusiastic to me! It will take time for everything to settle down in your tummy, and for muscles to knit back together. Don't try to do too much too soon! It's only 8 days since your op. Be gentle with yourself!

    Take it easy!



  • My husband said the same thing. Said I need to rest more. But then again in hospital the day after they want you up and moving around not sitting! I don't know why to do for the best! Xx 

  • You will be fine walking around. But just don’t lift and pull anything for a few weeks. You need to keep moving to get the blood pumping around as this will help things to heal x

  • Yes, just keep off the circuit training and weightlifting for a few weeks! :)

  • Ha ha think that would finish me off !!!! 

  • When I say walking all day, I walk around for 10 mins, rest and hour, walk 10 mins rest etc... definitely don't walk all day long for 12 hrs solid/straight! Joy I'd be deadbeat if i did!!