Driving after partial nephrectomy

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Hi. I am scheduled for surgery on the 13th June. Could anybody tell me when I will be safe to drive ? The operation will be laparoscopic and robotic. I sing a lot in various choirs and I am already lining up services and workshops which I hope I will be able to attend. Thank you.

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    Hi, my car insurance company said that there was no set timeframe they specify but as long as I could perform an emergency stop without it being painful or uncomfortable especially with the seatbelt then they would be fine with it. Some also get their GP's advice/confirmation. I had a full neph and I started driving short distances 3 weeks after surgery for light shopping, and going very slow over speed bumps!

  • echo that.  I had a c-section (adbo surgery) and the rules were "can't drive for 6 weeks".  On enquiry with the car insurance they embellished more:  6 weeks is standard, unless you have your GP's sign-off that you can drive safely.  I went to the GP after 3-4 weeks (I felt absolutely fine) and she probed whether I felt any pain or impairment which would inhibit an emergency stop.  If not, them she would sign me off to drive.  

  • Yes, to back up what Mmum says...I had a hysterectomy, years ago, and was told not to drive for 6 weeks. I recovered from the op really quickly, and could do pretty much all my usual activities. So, I tried driving after 4 weeks, and discovered that I couldn't press down the clutch to change gear! Braking was OK though, so I probably could have done an emergency stop. I definitely didn't feel comfortable enough to drive for another couple of weeks.

    Best thing to do is listen to your body, only do what feels comfortable, and get checked out by your GP before you take to the high road!

    Hope your op goes smooothly!


  • Thank you everyone. The advice given is really helpful.