Partial nephrectomy and Pre-op

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I attended an appointment today to meet the consultant who will perform the surgery using the Da Vinci robot. I found this meeting really helpful and the consultant was very 'human'. 

It was described that the procedure would be a challenging one due to the way in which the tumour is growing. It was made clear that if during surgery this needed to be changed to a radical nephrectomy then this would happen. I was also given the opportunity to participate in a trial where partial or radical would be determined by a random generator. I figured the chance of being left with one and a bit kidneys is better than one alone so partial is what I have signed up for.

They have given me a timescale of 4-8 weeks, possibly sooner if there is a space. It all suddenly seems very, very real...somehow more so than this morning before the appointment. 

I was then shown to pre-op for various swabs, samples and tests before meeting with a nurse to go over questions in readiness for the surgery itself.

Everyone today has been very kind: the consultant, the assigned Macmillan nurse, the nurses in pre-op. Whilst I cannot say I am looking forward to this, I feel like I am in good hands. I just keep telling myself to trust the experts. 

Onwards to the next bit of this.

All good wishes to everyone.


  • Dear MW it sounds like your medical team have been very thorough in preparing you for surgery. I have been told that my kidney mass is exophytic so they won’t know until they start the surgery how they will proceed. I have been told that I will get another urology nurse as mine is going on maternity leave. I’m not sure how long to wait before I can start driving again. I think it is about eight weeks from the time my surgery was booked until I was given a date. My surgery will be robotic so Im assuming the da Vinci will be the same thing ? Best wishes.

  • I’ve been told that the kidney mass might be like a rotten potato and the growth might be inwards.

  • Hi EJ7861

    Thanks for the reply. I hadn't thought about driving and how long it might be before I would be able to drive. I will ask.

    The rotten potato image is quite something. Did you ask what it would look like or did they just tell you. 

    I did feel quite fortunate with the team of people I met the other day. My first other experience with a consultant (who told me there was the mass there first of all) was not good and I feared this was how subsequent encounters might be. 

    I found myself yesterday starting to realise that, whilst I don't feel unwell now (apart from a dull ache near my right kidney if I twist in the wrong position), after surgery I ma going to feel poorly. I am trying to get my head around what this might be like on a day to day basis. I'm not very good at staying still!


  • Hi MW. I just wondered how you were doing?  I hope you are coping with the wait for a surgery date ?

  • Hi EJ7861

    I'm not doing too badly. I'm finding work is a really useful distraction during the day. Trying to stay physically active and, where I feel I can, talk through my worries.

    I must check the NHS app about 100 times a day to see if an appointment has come through.

    How are you?

  • I don’t think that I was fully relaxed until the date for the op came through. I had my phone on ring all the time. I had a phone call then a letter confirming the date. I have tried to keep busy with my singing, Pilates and reflexology. It sounds like you are too.I am beginning to put things together for my hospital bag too.

  • How did it go?  Did your team stick with a Partial Nephrectomy once they were in? How are you feeling now?  Best wishes.