Stomach swelling post op

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I had partial nephrectomy left side 6 weeks ago yesterday. Should my stomach still be swelling when I’ve been out for a walk. Just been wondering around Lincoln with hubby. 5000 steps with two coffee stops and my stomach is so swollen and uncomfortable. 

I had two laparoscopic surgeries last year as well, so three surgeries in 15 months. Bowel surgery, gall bladder and now kidney. 
kidney cancer was only picked up on abdo scan . Other two surgeries were routine surgeries. 

  • I am not medically trained. I am to have the same surgery as you in a few weeks. I had a hysterectomy in 2007 and my tummy would swell like this. It took many months to go back to normal. If you are very concerned then it might be an idea to talk to your GP.

  • After 10 weeks my stomach after same procedure is now only going down, and is still sore after exercise. Stomach muscles have just started to kick into action. How it is now after 10 weeks is so much better than when I was at 6 weeks

  • Hi,I had a Radical Nephrectomy 11 weeks ago and abdominal swelling is still a problem particularly after walking or other activities, can get really uncomfortable my GP keeps telling its just part of the healing process . 

    Fingers crossed it settles soon wishing you all the best with your recovery x 

  • Thanks guys. It’s good to know it normal and part of the healing. All the best with your journeys 

  • Hi there, I am almost four weeks post radical left nephrectomy. I also have started getting sharp twinges just below the larger laparoscopic wound. This is new for me as I felt like I was fully recovered. Your comments are reassuring that this is normal. My stomach gets very bloated and some days looks huge!

    I went for a 45 minute walk yesterday which I loved but this morning after I changed my position in bed  the sharp pain started? Has anyone else experienced this.

    Im due to see my Consultant on 2nd July. I had a letter with the histology results last week saying: it was clear cell stage 2; cancer now appears to be completely gone and I’m in the low risk category for treatment. I cried when I read this! What a relief. 

    I wish everyone a happy day and best of health and luck in your recovery too. Xx ShamrockGreen heartBlush