The big day

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So today’s the day I’m finally diagnosed.  It will be nice to finally know what it is and what my plan is .  Although my anxiety is going through the roof (pending doom ).  I do hope that afterwards that my mind may calm down .  I’ve been searching the site for peoples stories with stage 4 with Mets but there isn’t many to read (thankfully ) . I do still kind of hope that my self made diagnosis from the ct scan is extremely wrong .  But that is highly doubtful.  I do hope that with immunotherapy I can lead some sort of life for at least a few years .  I just hope it’s not to late for me 

  • Morning Kyle, I will be thinking of you all day today and hoping that your appointment gives you some focus to get treatment plans going. It’s the waiting for things to happen that is the most stressful thing in this game. Once you know what is what things may be more manageable in your head. I am trying to put myself in your position and my head would be spinning. Maybe stick your phone on record so you can play things back. I wish I had done that on some appointments. Please let us know how it goes today. What time is your appointment ? x

  • I will try to take notes . Appointment is this morning will update later . I did send you a request on here so can message you as some things are a bit more private . Anyway thanks for once again reaching out I pray for the best possible outcome x

  • I haven’t seen any messages yet. But will keep checking all morning. I will be thinking about you all morning x

  • Dear Kyle. Wishing you strength and prayers today.

  • Thank you . I have even said a prayer myself this morning not something I usually do . Let’s hope for the best . And if it’s really bad I’ll go down fighting 

  • Thinking of you today - I found that once I knew what was what the head zoomies calmed down a little, hope that’s the same for you. Let us know how it goes. 

  • Hi Janey thanks for the message . I hope so Fingers crossed I just hope that once I know even if it’s the worst news ever I can some how keep moving forward . I’ve read your profile I guess your kidney cancer was isolated and that the removal was all you needed 

  • Hi Kyle - it was isolated and got it all. Almost 5cm, T3a grade 2, clear cell, had just started to try and sneak it’s way out, now on Pembrolizumab for a year. 1 IV done.

    Are some things in my liver that were picked up on initial mri they want to keep an eye on, didn’t seem to worried at the time, have just had the 2nd mri last weekend and waiting for results now. 

  • It’s always nice to read succes stories :) I only pray to be half as lucky . With every minute the anxiety is growing 

  • So it was slightly better than expected as in because of my age etc there going to really try . They have put me forward To guys hospital as I’ll probably have to lose a part of liver to . It won’t be robotic or key hole due to the nature . I may have to have a biopsy but that depends on guys and they may want to shrink first with immunotherapy. So it’s back to the waiting game. But I’ve been assured it will be asap . My kidney was huge