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  • I had my right kidney removed 8 weeks ago by robotic assisted keyhole surgery.  The operation went well and my scars (on outside) have healed.  From recent blood tests I have been informed my kidney function has gone down quite a bit so I'm now worrying myself silly about this.  Has anyone else had the same problem after having kidney removed?
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    Hi, what was your eGFR value from the blood test? Having only one kidney will mean half the filtering that 2 would do and even if the remaining kidney is healthy and working well, the halved eGFR value automatically classifies the person as having CKD (chronic kidney disease)

    My right kidney has been removed but it seems the left one might have increased slightly in size to compensate and a recent blood test showed I had a eGFR value of 71 which is pretty good considering a normal value for 2 kidneys is 90-120, but it still puts me in the stage 2 CKD which is to be expected with only one kidney and is not a problem if it is healthy.

  • I think I was around 80 before the radical on my right kidney, last few blood tests showed around low 50’s so stable and ok. 

  • Thank you for your reply, I had a blood test last Thursday and was contacted by my doctor on the Friday to say my eGFR value was 46 so she wanted me to have another blood test the following Monday which came back as 40 so had gone down again so you can see why I'm worried.  I have to go for yet another blood test next Tuesday and going back to see the doctor on Thursday for results.  If it's gone down again I will be admitted so they can find out what's going on.  Doctor also told me my blood pressure was high - not sure if it has anything to do with what's going on but I have shingles at the moment.

  • Hi Janey36, glad to hear you are doing well.  My kidney function is not good showing a level of 40 at last blood test, I will have to go into hospital for investigations if drops lower (I have another blood test next Tuesday).  I feel really upset as I felt so well after my radical nephrectomy 8 weeks ago and so relieved there was no spread. I'm suffering with shingles at the moment so my logical brain is telling me this might have something to do with what's happening.

  • Slightly different origin.  I was on ipi/nivo for RCC and my body reacted rather too well with lots of inflammation in my kidneys causing declining eGFR.  It just kept going down and down!  35 at the lowest.  I went on 30mg steroids daily for 2 weeks, then tapered off, by 5mg a week.  Now my eGFR is 50 - 55, still rubbish for my age, but I feel no ill effects.   It's my biggest "hit" from being in this club.  I might sound upbeat about it now, but I was well p****d off at the time because my treatment had to pause and I was not happy about taking steroids.  Lots of tears.   I understand your worry.  

  • Hi Rosiebelle04

    I had my right kidney removed 9 weeks ago and have also been told I am classed as having stage 3 CKD  my kidney function is not where they had expected my first egrf result after surgery was 47, 6 weeks later up to 56 had another blood test this week which my GP has called me into to discuss next week so not expecting good news.

    I think this is something else we need to come to terms with as part of our recovery. 

    Wishing you all the best with your recovery  x