Kidney Cancer new diagnosis

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Hi, I hope that everyone is ok. Newly diagnosed here, just over a week ago! Apprehensive about the procedure, full nephrectomy hopefully in June. Left kidney.  How are you guys feeling? Has anyone had a full nephrectomy? What is it like? 

  • Hello, Jd

    I had a laparoscopic nephrectomy back in lockdown. I was in hospital for two days then recovering at home. With a laparoscopic there are several small wounds rather than one large one and I removed the dressings in 7 days as instructed, with no problem. I built up my strength gradually walking a little further each day. 

    It is natural to be apprehensive and this is major surgery but I was impressed by the team looking after me. I have had regular CT scans since the operation. 

    Best wishes. 

  • I had a Radical on March 20 th . I was out of hospital in two days and felt pretty much back to normal within a couple weeks. Good luck 

  • Hi jd19801,

    Welcome to the community I had my left kidney and spleen removed four years ago, I went in on the Monday and was home on the Friday don’t look at google or any other social network, just have faith in your team and try not to worry, I know it is hard you must be worried and not able to sleep but, look forward to your new arrival and trust that you are in good hands sending love and hugs to you both Sandy

    Sandra 55
  • I hope that I will feel ok after my procedure too, thank you for sharing 

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    Hi jd,

    I had an open radical nephrectomy (plus hernia and adhesiolysis repair) nearly 10 weeks ago. Right kidney, surrounding fat and aggressive T3a tumour removed. Adrenal gland kept in place.
    I too was apprehensive about the operation of course but it was probably the best 5 hours sleep I had compared to the fitful nights since diagnosis with worrying about this and that.
    I spent 6 days in hospital as I live alone and they had my reassurance I would be ok back home - first 3 days/nights with excellent pain relief via epidural in my back and I managed to slowly move and sit out of bed on second and third day to eat meals, and was walking slowly up and down the corridors on day 4 and faster on day 5 and when catheter was removed. 
    Took it easy at home the next few weeks, easy cook ready-meals/takeaways from friends for a while and walking about more and more each day. Staples were removed after 12 days. Felt quite tired at times in afternoons which was to be expected. Started driving again after 4 weeks. Went back to work on light duties last week. Follow up CT scan looks clear.
    Feel quite normal again now and only a few twinges from time to time from the scar which is slowly settling down. Work colleagues say how much better I look. Perkier and not looking stressed out.
    Further treatment for me looks like being immunotherapy.

    I hope your surgery goes well next month and have a quick recovery.

  • I am having a partial nephrectomy also in June now I think. I’m still terrified. I’ve had the pre op. I hope your op goes well.

  • What did they do during pre op appointment?

  • I’m wishing you a full speedy recovery x

  • I had a meeting with the senior urology sister. I went through all my history again. She asked lots of questions including questions about my other medication. I am also very sick after anaesthetic. I also saw a healthcare assistant who examined my urine, took swabs for MRSA. Also spiral lung test, blood tests and ECG. I also saw the consultant anaesthetist.They said I was good to go for surgery.