First the adrenal is out with the 'nodule', now a biopsy of the 'incidentaloma', next: I'm cured?

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Well, which is it?

After  few tests:

They now say that the 0.5cm incidentaloma (which is reserved for adrenal nodules >= 1cm), which was far too small to be anything but removed with the adrenal gland, will get a biopsy. One recent test showed that (avoiding medical-talk) the nodule on the adrenal glad is NOT producing Cortisol, which is what it would do if 'functional'. Even my lumps don't function... :-)

Cushings syndrome is what they call it when there is excess cortisol, or in the case of cancer, probably something like, "Yup. Its malignant!"

Because the bloodwork (the one where you take a tiny pill the night before) shows the adrenal mass (if its big enough to be called that at 5mm) just sitting there, and had grown mildly in the past year from barely noticeable to 5mm, I think this biopsy is to allay fears of it being cancerous.

So next Wed I'm under sedation (can't move, still awake) for the procedure, leaving there about noon or so, depending on where in the queue I am slotted. Could be much worse, and there's no reason why it isn't. I'll take it all as long as there are no symptoms. :-)

I'm glad my Drs aren't set in their ways, and their egos can change their minds as new info comes in.