Diet, Foods to Favour and Avoid?

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Wondering if anyone here has any good info on foods to favour/avoid? Looking at both pre and post op. My op is in 3.5 weeks, full Neph.

I have seen some info on the web, but often they are talking about foods to avoid when you have kidney disease, where your renal function is diminished and adding extra stress might not be a good idea. Surgeon seems to say, continue as normal. But I get the feeling that part of that is the surgeons advice about staying in routine on the lead up to surgery, and less about Kidney health in general. 

What I have seen all appears to be about limiting salt, protein and potassium. Now I know these things are important for proper cellular function in our bodies, so I know not to cut out things like potassium entirely. But I am keen to make reasonable and measured changes to my lifestyle to give me the best chances. For instance, I had started doing breakfast smoothies about 2 weeks before my diagnosis. Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Banana (high in potassium), Rolled oats, Greek Yoghurt, Olive Oil. Ordinarily this would be a great way to start the day. Now I am questioning whether a banana a day is advisable, especially considering I am partial to Avocados too. (Also high in Potassium).

Does anyone have any articles or info on this? Anyone seen a dietitian about advice to their eating habits?