Just found out why a lone kidney grows when the partner is gone...

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My Oncologist told me they had no idea why, so in case other doctors have told you the same thing, here is a 2015 article explaining why:

Signal identified that prompts one kidney to grow larger when the other is lost
May 27, 2015
Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University
When a single kidney is removed because of injury or for transplantation, the remaining kidney can rapidly get 50 to 60 percent bigger, an apparent physiological attempt to expand its capacity. Now, scientists have found an explanation for the century-old observation that if you end up with just one kidney, the lone organ gets bigger.
link to article:


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    Thanks very much for posting this, including the link, as I'm sure the forum members will find it informative.

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  • Hi Kismet, that’s interesting. Thanks for posting. Hope your doing ok Slight smile

  • Thanks, @Janey36 There is another tumor on my last kidney's adrenal, and they want that out in August, but I need a pill regiment for not having any adrenals prior to the operation.

    Problem is, here getting an appointment with any endocrinologist in time is hard. Still no word, and the clock is ticking! :-)

  • Hi Kismet

    Although I still have my adrenal glands, they don't work anymore! So I have to take hydrocortisone twice a day, to replace the cortisol that my adrenal glands don't make any more.

    There is a group for people who have this problem. It's called Adrenal Insufficiency, or Addison's disease. There is a self help group, with lots of experts in it who have been living with this condition for years. If you search the internet, you should find their website. They can advise you about drugs and testing/things to watch out for.

    I have been dependent on steroids for 18 months now, and I am quite used to it. You do have to be organised and remember to take your tablets at the right times. It was scary at first, but now it's just part of my daily routines.

    I hope everything goes well for you regarding your surgery, and you do get an appointment with an endocrinologist soon.

    Do message me if you have any questions!

    best wishes