When does the cancer diagnosis become more real?

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I’m now just over 3 weeks post op, radical nephrectomy of right kidney and think it’s only just starting to sink in with what might be ahead. Still all seems a bit surreal even after surgery which is ridiculous.

Been told over phone about 10 days after surgery it was T3a clear cell carcinoma but it’s only just started to become more real. The follow up appointment was going to be with urology next week and was told probably have an oncology appointment too but today had a call to say urology follow up being swapped to oncology department, is still on same day. 

Maybe after that appointment and knowing what’s next will make it become more real. Onwards…..through the waiting zoomies and overthinking thing. 

  • I wake up sometimes and think it’s all a bad dream . It’s changed everything and I haven’t had my kidney out yet . Nurse rang me yesterday and made me feel worse .If having the kidney out would fix the problem then I would almost be looking forward to it . 

  • It’s definitely weird this that’s for sure. Never experienced anything this uncertain with such a lack of control. 

  • Hi Janey36, 

    Try not to worry too much, easier said than done I know, if you are going to oncology I would imagine you will be given meds of some sort (chemo or immunotherapy) probably to make sure there can be no reoccurrence? I had neoadjuvant chemo which worked and I was signed off from oncology before my operation and am now free of cancer with regular checks, but many have adjuvant therapy to sweep up any cells left behind. I have no medical knowledge at all apart from my own experience, but just wanted to let you know my journey.

    wishing you well 

    Annie x