How accurate are the 5 year survival stats?

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Being newly diagnosed, I am hyper-focused on those and they get pretty scary beyond stage 1

  • Ah!  Statistics you can search and locate easily on the internet are really not very accurate and if you browse all around the site you will find people reporting the same - how scary they are.  

    The statistics are based on populations at least 5 years old and very generalised.  Trials take at least 5 years to report results and in that time treatment has moved on - especially these days.  There is so much variety in how people respond to treatment, even for the same cancer type.  Stats can't allow for how well you personally might respond to treatment and are just a best guess.  

    We've all explored this area especially in the early days when there are so many unknowns, the waiting awful, and we're trying to come to terms with it all.  My survival stat is 15% for 5 years.  I'm 2.5 years in, mRCC under control and doing fine.  

  • I am glad you are doing well. I am very early trying to handle it. I was diagnosed with a 5cm mass in November and recently had it biopsied. It came back as Low Grade CCRCC and at this point there is a question on if it is indeed Clear Cell because the biopsy showed a positive for the CD117 marker which almost always only shows for Chromophobe. Wont really know until the cancer is out and pathology done.

    The thing that worries me most is all my organs have been cleared in my abdomen and pelvis with 2 CT Scans and a CT Urogram, no spread. But they only imaged the base of my lungs and now I am scared it is in my upper lungs because I had lung nodules years ago that were deemed harmless. They may not be part of this, but it still gets me worried about it.

    My Urologist went over my kidney scan with me and said the tumor is totally contained within the kidney and removing it would be curative. But, I am not always one to just go on one opinion, 

  • When I was first diagnosed my survival past 5years was said to be 10% the cancer had already spread but that was in 2011 and I realise I've been very lucky to be one of the 10% and the treatment I am currently having was only being trailed when i was diagnosed and that has given me nearly another 3 years and counting. It's very easy to get hung up on statistics but please try and enjoy the life you have to live. You will never forget because someone has said the words you have cancer and that will be wth you but you can still have a good happy life and like previously said any published research and statistics are usually out of date before they are published

  • Hi mumm , sorry to reach out on someone else’s post but I stupidly looked at my ct results on my nhs portal before my meeting Thursday . It appears mine has gone to liver kidneys and lymph nodes maybe more I don’t no . I just want to get to Thursday and see this doctor to see what they can do for me .

  • I see your posts Kyle and i feel your fear. I had 10x8.4x8.4 on my right kidney. First day  after my diagnosis i was the same. I spend 36 hour on internet looking to find a way out , maybe a cure. Im still waiting for nhs to call me in meantime my biggest problems right now its  to had my loan approved for new car and to teach my dog to stop barking every morning. Life its a fight Kyle and i dont know when or how i will die but i can tell you i will not go whiteout fight and im 100% i will not die because of cancer it can be side efects or anything else but not cancer.(sorry for mistakes but im not native and no one teach me properly english)

  • Hi mate . Yes we will keep fighting until the end . I’m also just waiting on phone calls now as I had my biopsy Tuesday . Once I’ve started my treatment my mind may be a bit more at rest . I hope you are well and if there is ever you need someone to talk to then feel free to message me :) 

  • I had made my own research about suvival and i find something shocking. Most of the people that had cancer in the past and was cured they dont spend time in cancer support sites to describe their experience. They live on happy life and most of them avoid to look back

  • I think there may be a lot of truth in what you say. People do not want reminding it can return.