Chronic kidney disease after cancer

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  1. I had a large tumour on my left kidney removed last April 2023,it was 1 and  a half kilos it was successful removed and needed no further treatment. I'm type 2 diabetic and have been having high creatinine levels since September.  I had bloods taken yesterday and had a message at 7pm last night to say I now have stage 3 chronic kidney disease. Has anyone been diagnosed with this after having surgery. 
  • Hi Donna 72. I had a tumour removed from the area surrounding one of my kidneys 34 years ago (1990). The surgery caused one of my kidneys to stop working and, like you, I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. The one kidney that remained working was affected but over the years, my kidney function has deteriorated and I have now been informed that I have stage 3 CKD. I have annual blood tests and I provide a urine sample every 3 months. My blood sugars have been high for several years now, but not at a level for diabetes to be diagnosed. The only treatment I have is a daily tablet called ‘ramipril’. All of this is monitored by my GP. There do not appear to be any side effects and to be honest with you, were it not for the fact that I receive the results from my tests,I would not be aware of any issues. I suppose what I am trying to say is that the situation can be easily managed and your quality of life need not suffer. 

  • Thank you for sharing this with me. I hope to get some more answers in the next few weeks from my gp 

  • Hi Donna

    I have a tumour in my right kidney, which could not be removed, plus multiple metastates. My creatinine levels, when I have blood tests, are higher than normal range, and show up in bold on the doctor's screen, but no-one has ever commented on this.

    I'm guessing here, but maybe the chronic kidney disease could happen, whether or not you have had surgery. If your body is relying on only one kidney to carry out the work of two, then no doubt this will show in blood tests. I have no idea if my tumourous kidney is still functioning or not, but I have assumed that my healthy kidney is still working, and this will be sufficient to let me continue with my normal life.

    No-one has suggested to me that I have kidney disease, or suggested any medication to manage this. I would be interested to see if others who have not had surgery comment on your post.

    I hope you are feeling well, and not anxious about your recent phone call. Have you had chance to discuss this with your doctor?


  • Hi Candysmum and Donna,

    Apologies for joining the conversation late but I noticed your reference to only having one kidney left to do the work of two.  I had my left kidney removed two years ago as it was full of tumour and was also the source of a brain metastases.  I had all the same concerns about only having one kidney but I can tell you that two years on I am as fit and healthy as I ever was, with my one kidney stepping up and doing the job of two very well.  I have to watch my sodium level so no highly salted food and I drink plenty of water to keep it flushed but other than that I am living a normal life - well as normal as my life can get but that's a separate story.

    All the very best,


  • I have to wait for urine samples and follow up with gp. 

  • Donna 72

    I have had my right kidney removed due to a tumour. It was explained that if you have one kidney which works 100% your Gfr would be 50 which automatically puts you in the CKD range. My Gfr is 39 and my creatinine is 161, my notes always say normal for condition. 

  • It has been logged on my nhs app under health conditions that I have ckd stage 3 so will find out more on Thursday. Thanks for your help 

  • Thats good news Mike