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Hi All, so yesterday I had the news by phone that I have a lump on my kidney and I will now be made an appointment to see oncologist and a chest X-ray . Today I have received a call to have the scan tomorrow morning ‘ Sat’ . I have also been made an appointment to see oncologist on the 4 th march. My scan results only took a week . As much as I am glad I am being seen I also can’t help thinking I am being rushed through because of the urgency of my situation .  Can anyone tell me if the CT scan I have just had only looks at kidney Ureta  .  I guess the next scan will be looking at lungs liver etc ?  

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    Hi Phil,

    That's good that the results came back quickly so you don't have to keep guessing.

    The fact that they told you about the lump over the phone and not face-to-face may mean that it is not as bad as you think. It may not be a case of "rushing through" just that maybe in your area there are not so many people going through similar things and the wait list is not as long.

    Try not to worry and jot down a list of things you want to ask your oncologist when you see them. I expect they will show you the scan images on screen then.

  • Hi, yes I see from your profile that in your scan they thought they picked up a liver issue so thats answered a question if mine which is that the CT scan looks at the liver aswell as the kidneys? . I also take hope that you were not stage 4 after some real awful haematuria episodes .  I have been thinking that because I had gross haematuria twice when peeing that there is will I will definitely be. 

  • Hi Philw,

    When I have my scans every three months, it is with dye which is contrast and it is of my whole of my middle body, it is not only my kidney, that how they found the cancer had spread to my lungs and liver, which with treatment my liver and lungs don’t show on my scans where it has shrink, I had three ct scans and 1 MRI scan in the beginning, I think they are probably being able to fit you in which is good don’t worry about being rushed as with cancer they have a certain time to see you and get everything together for treatments 

    Sandra 55