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Hi, so Ive had my scan and with bladder and prostate written off I should be positive but obviously my 2 episodes of gross haematuria has to have a reason so I am awaiting these results with trepidation.  I have little doubt that my kidney will have a tumour but am really afraid that because it’s kidney then it will be advanced as thats the way this symptom seems to play out with it . Very difficult time. 

  • Hi philw and welcome to the forum. I can imagine that not having found anything as you thought that they might, then your mind goes into overdrive and believe me you are not alone in that. All I can say to you is  to try to stay in this moment and take  a day at a time with this and please dont GOOGLE as this is often what people do and scare the wits out of themselves. Wait until all the tests come back and then at least you will know for certain what it is you are dealing with. 


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  • Hi Philw,

    Welcome to the group, I also think like GRANNY 59 that you will have to wait for all your results before you start worrying, I know we have all been in that situation, but try to stay positive and see sending you hugs and best wishes Sandy 

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  • Hope you get some results soon. Sending positive thoughts over :) 

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    I have been lurking here for a while since my cancer diagnosis at end of Jan which was initially very worrying with an advanced 16x10x12cm RCC mass on my right kidney and indications of metastasis and talk of palliative care (see my profile)  - all very scary, but I would just like to say that with all the worrying, crying and lack of sleep about how bad things will be, and whether I will die soon, and the anxiety of days dragging by waiting for results, and hating seeing blood nearly every day in my urine, that when I got mine this morning after a sleepless night of anxiety and they are better than I imagined, not metastasised and T 2b or 3a, and now waiting for a radical nephrectomy to get rid of the "alien" in my body and then hopefully recover and get on with life, dealing with regular scans and tests in future to check all is going ok.

    Sending positive thoughts your way and hoping your results are nowhere near as bad than you think.

  • You seem like you feeling positive . I have just read your profile too and I am very much mirroring your journey accept I am yet to have my scan results , two weeks you say ? . When you had bloods before the scan were they normal or did they show something up too . ? . Good luck to you . 

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    Yes I have tried to stay positive as much as possible, keeping mind and body busy at home and work. That doesn't mean I haven't been worrying - it's only natural as cancer is a huge thing to deal with. The bloods didn't seem to reveal any renal problems, the CT scan did that and yes it was 2 weeks from scan to results with my NHS trust - it seemed forever. So from initial tests and scans through to definite final results and decision after my MRI scan has been a little over 5 weeks.

    I won't mind the wait until the op but sooner rather than later I hope.

  •  Hi PhilW Unfortunately the waiting really is brain damage but has to be done  . Please stay positive No surrender , I am on chemo again as its spread to liver lungs and neck which is a bit of a pain but hopefully they can stop it . So I can go and party lol All the Best Regards Minmax