Trying to stay positive

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For those who have read my posts, you will see what I have been going through. I am now at 47 days I have had no treatment and it’s been one error after another at the hospital, they gave me an appointment it’s was the wrong. Consultant he does not do kidneys, they then forgot to tag me in to a MDT meeting had to wait another week the consultant did not pass my notes on, saw nobody new I needed treatment and my kidney and the tumour needed removing, last week was told I have another consultant, they sent me a follow up appointment, it’s for the 22nd February that’s 12 weeks after been diagnosed, and it was a follow up to see how I have been since my operation I to tell them I have not had an operation yet, it was a surprise to them, I cried for 3 hours I spoke to a macmillan councillor and nurse they were fantastic, I rang the hospital back and demanded an earlier appointment it’s took another 7 phone calls and a chat with a cancer coordinator to get them to change the appointment I am seeing a consultant tomorrow at 2:30 to discuss a way forward,  I feel like a broken man and have very emotional all week I know longer feel positive and feel like I am alone in this empty space. Thank god I have a fantastic family and partner. If you are having a similar issue keep pushing the hospital and your doctor this month I made more than 200 calls to them, don’t give up guys keep pushing them until you get answer don’t get in to the state I am in xx good bless you all 


  • Morning Classic car,

     I am lost for words on what you are going through, I have not had this experience so I have no idea what you are suffering as you said you have family and a partner to help you, I know I am very lucky as I have family a husband and friends but to have to go through this is totally unacceptable and so frustrating, you must feel like banging your head against a wall and shouting from the roof tops, I know we all on the community free for you I hope and pray your appointment goes well tomorrow and that they pull all the stops out and get you sorted asap, let us know how you get on try to stay positive and ask all the questions you can and let them know what you have been through and the worry and stress it has caused you I am sending hugs and prayers for you and your partner Sandy xx

    Sandra 55
  • Hi Sandra

    thank you for your response, shouting from the roof tops I feel like I could kick every one up the axxe who is responsible for the situation I find myself in. You sound like a loverly person to be around and your words are reassuring, I will let let you know tomorrow how I get on, I just hope and pray they sort it and then I can try and get my life back on track, take care x

  • Good luck with your appointment today. Please let us all know how you get on. Thinking of you x

  • If I were you I would issue a formal complaint.