Battered on two sides.

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I found out that my kidney cancer had gone into my bone when my leg snapped after aching for a while. It was without doubt the most excruciating pain I have ever felt! Eventually was operared and scan revealed the tumour. Now have big prosthesis in my thigh and partial hip replacement. It dislocated after a short time so have to wear a hip brace for 3 months which is not designed for comfort.  At the same time have tumour in adrenal gland! Starting chemo soon when leg has healed a bit. Trouble is the chemo slows healing so can't win. Was 10years since first diagnosed and have had kidney removed and radiotherapy on a lung node. So feeling pretty rubbish a lot of the time. Hip will heal but will be restricted for ages and very frustrated. Will be skint too cos can't work and pip takes forever. I know there are many worse than me trying not to feel sorry for myself. 

  • Hi Chriss

    gosh that sounds like such a lot you have had to put up with, I am not surprised you are feeling down, cancer can be so cruel

    .It’s hard to know what to say except gang on in there’d we are all with you.

    Sendingbyou a big hug Jules x

  • Morning Chriss29,

    What a terrible time you are having at the moment no wonder you are feeling so low, I hope everything goes well with your treatment and your hip and thigh, I know chemo makes it harder to heal quickly but I hope in time you will start to feel much better and be able to do a bit more, try to stay positive, I am sending hugs and prayers to you and your family Sandy 

    Sandra 55
  • I had a rod put in my left femur late summer as found a secondary tumour at top of the bone. It had crumbled slightly but caught before any break. My issue is that since having it done my mobility has got worse and I need crutches or mobility scooter.

    I'm finding exercises to help very difficult and wonder if you've been given any that help