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Serious ish question. Do any of you have affectionate pets who jump up cuddles etc. 

I have two shih tzu and needing advice when I get out after surgery.  Obviously not wanting them to jump up on me.  

  • Hi Geordiebeer,

    sorry I don’t have pets, but when you get home after surgery you should not have them jumping on you, but I know it will be difficult maybe you could have something around you so they don’t hurt you while recovering, I hope you recover quickly so you can get back to normal and hug you dogs best wishes Sandy 

    Sandra 55
  • Hi Geordiebeer

    This may sound silly but they might realize that they need to be gentle with you for a bit. Dogs are amazing and pick up on things. If you have some time before surgery maybe start working on reducing the jumping up now so it’s more normal for them not to.  That’s hard though as fur baby cuddles are amazing! Hope they behave and you have a swift recovery

  • When i got home after my Nephrectomy my wife had bought me half a dozen cheap pillows that were for me to have around me to soften everything (i was very bruised after op). The pillows helped tremendously and they also protected me from my over excitable, happy, young, and affectionate cockapoo (Pickles). A couple of times i had fallen asleep and on returning from a walk she would run in and jump on me so you will still have to be on your guard. But for me lots of pillows helped and i recommend that to anyone/everyone.

    Good luck...Del.