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Hi All

I have just had my first scan after having a nephrectomy in June 2023. I was just wondering how long you have waited for your results.

I don't have a telephone consultation until 29th February. I do think this is a long wait time.

Would be interested to know if this is normal timing for the results. Obviously an anxious time.

  • Hi Oakley,

     I can’t give you times of waiting for results, I myself have had to wait a month, three weeks and sometimes longer, I think it all depends on what time of year if it is holidays and certainly how busy they are in that department, I also know how worrying it is having to wait so long for results do try to stay positive you will get there eventually, I would like to wish you a happy new year and my best wishes to you Sandy

    Sandra 55
  • Hi,

    I was very lucky. My kidney nurse rang me a couple of days after my scan with the results. I rang them as soon as I had the scan and my nurse went and had a look at the results the next day. It helps to have a great team of specialist kidney nurses who take over your care after the initial treatment. 

  • Hi Sandra 55 & Cilla

    Thank you for your replies. I am a positive person so will continue to be.

    Unfortunately I was only made aware of the cancer nurses in October even though I was told I had cancer in April so left on my own with my questions & thoughts., When I did speak to them they apologised and told me I had slipped through the net. I will probably try and ring them in a week to see if they can tell me the results.

    Happy New Year to u both.

  • One of my scan reports was "late".  "Late" means my consultant asked for the results by dd/mm/yy to fit in with our next meeting.  After two weeks waiting after that date (I was very patient) I phoned up radiology appointments secretary and asked for the status of the report and for it to be sent to my consultant.  They put an escalation flag on it and it arrived a week or so later.  

    Normally results are available 2 weeks after the scan in my experience.  Radiology turn around the report in a week and the consultants arrange a discussion the following week.  But there is a shortage of radiologists at the moment  which is causing delays UK wide.  

    I agree with you - a delay of 6-8 weeks for your scan results (beginning of Jan to end of Feb) is unnecessary.   Not normal.  I'd phone them up and ask whether they have the scan report and take it from there.  There's no need to be put through the wringer like this.  

  • Hi with my last scan it took 8 weeks  to get the results and I kept phoning consultant's secretary ,she was really good and did get a cancer nurse  to phone when they came back ,but there were a lot of strikes going on at the time so I realise it has a knock on effect at the same time it's so hard waiting for results I get really stressed and anxious waiting for results this is the worst part for me ,so my hart goes out to everyone 

      Happy new year 

  • This whole business in my experience is completely hit and miss. It's always worth ringing the units Macmillan nurses to see if they can help. My surgeon rang me 16 weeks after my last scan the secretary was extremely rude and unhelpful.

  • Hi Everyone

    Just wanted to update you all.

    Thanks for the advice. I have got my results now and all is good.

    I contacted the CT Department yesterday exactly a week after my scan, they informed me that the scan had gone back to my consultant. I spoke to his secretary yesterday and she told me to speak with the cancer nurses, so left a message they called me back with the excellent news that all was good.

    Just wanted to add that you certainly have to chase this up to get results.

    At least the stress has gone now for another year.

    Take care everyone.

  • Hi Oakley,

    So pleased you have your results and the news is good, you can relax for now until the next one best wishes Sandy 

    Sandra 55
  • Hi  Oakley 

       Brilliant news