Radical surgery

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Hello there people's  hope you have bit relief Blush I am ready  for my surgery  next Thursday. I am bit nervous  .ijust want ask previous  experience  how suggest  to approach  that.tanks salvo

  • I don't have the relevant experience to share, but I just want to wish you all the best, and send a <Big Hug>.  Anecdotally, everyone says the time beforehand was worse than the op.   Four sleeps to go.  Hugging  Muscle   

  • Thanks for support  xx

  • I had my Radical on 3rd June. Try not to worry, it was over before I knew it. Haven't looked back since. Thinking of you on Thursday. Look at my profile, for more info.

  • Tanks  yiu very much  fir support me.i will same for others from my experience. Tanks salvo

  • Best of luck for your surgery Salvo74. I have my surgery a day after yours (partial) and it's consuming quite a lot of my thoughts right now. But hearing from other people who have had surgery helps. 

  • Thanks  mate  hopefully  everything  ok to yours  operation  too. Yes you right  previous  experience  will help us and same we can do for others  friends  in here  because  in here we are alk friends  even  we d onto  know  each  others. Tanks salvo

  • Hi Salvo74 & Jonathan1989,

    • welcome to the community a lot of us have been through what you are going thru now, the worrying, not sleeping and the panic with thinking of having cancer, like others on here I was so frightened right up until I went down for my op, I can honestly say I was not sure why I was in such a state, they really look after you try to stay positive, medication helped me calm down I actually still do it 31/2 years later sending hugs and best wishes to you both and hopefully you will be getting in touch once you are able Sandy 
    Sandra 55
  • Tank you  sandra for your support  too .hope you ok  kiss salvo