Re waiting on kidney CT results

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Hi new here from Eire

I was in hospital last February for a different matter they found lesion on my left kidney near my adrenal gland do refered me to a urologist I had a Second CT scan done recently

I'm just anxious on what's next I'm due a phone call with results on the 19th

I'm really scared of an operation and getting a general anaesthetic I'm afraid I'll stop breathing

I have COPD and breathing issues 

Any advice be grateful



  • Hi chris22,

    Welcome to the kidney community I know it must be a worrying time for you, I know when I was diagnosed I couldn’t sleep, eat or think about anything else, here on this community you will find a great bunch of people who will help you in any way they can and you are free to ask any questions about anything and even if you want to get it off your chest have moan or shout there is always someone to listen, I know sometimes it is hard to talk to family and friends but here on this site we are all at different stages, I will say that the worst thing about this is the waiting and we all have this in common, I am going for my three monthly scan on Monday so I am worried about that than I will have to wait for the results but that said you will be just the same as us all, I hope you get your results soon and than once you know you will be able to move forward  you didn’t say if you have family and friends who can support you, take care Chris and don’t forget to stay on the community and let us know how you are doing sending hugs and best wishes to you Sandy 

    Sandra 55
  • Thanks Sandra I'm living with my parents and brother and my bf stays a good bit too I'm a carer for my mam who has Alzheimer's and my dad has terminal lung and kidney cancer undergoing immunotherapy at present

    So I've alot going on to be honest.