Cancer has no friends

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Cancer has no friends it wakes you up nightly around 3am with stomach cramps, pain and more

Anxiety is then off the scale and meds needed and demanded by the cancer

Getting back to rest is near impossible and you dread another day of fatigue

Day and night become one, hard to separate and the cycle goes on

It’s 5am now time for more meds and injection

Even after surgery there is no sign of this getting any easier Pray

  • Morning Niko,

    Sorry you are having problems have you been able to talk to your team about it to see if they can help you, when did you have your operation what did they do, are you having problems from the op or is it your medication, I have had mine reduced because it was causing terrible diarrhoea for nine months I was suffering they have given me tablets for it, now I have less chemo and I am doing fine now I am able to get out and have a social life, I hope you get help and relief soon sending hugs and best wishes to you Sandy 

    Sandra 55
  • I had full kidney and large tumour removal and sent home with meds and injections.

    Told to wait for pathology results - no timescale and no ‘team’ around the patient.

    NHS Scotland at its best 

  • Oh no! I'm NHS Scotland too and not my experience.  When you got your diagnosis you should have been assigned a nurse specialist with a "phone me anytime" remit.  I'd get on to the secretary who arranged your last appt and request a check-in.  It's their job to help.  I'm with Fife and Lothian.  

  • Hi Niko

    Sorry to hear about your recovery. I live in Northants and I have never been given a name of anyone I can contact with any issues that I have. It is also near in impossible to get an appointment with my GP. I feel you are just left to get on with it.

    I also had breast cancer and that was so different always someone to talk to if you had a problem.

    Hope you start to feel better soon and receive your results.

    Take Care

  • Hi Niko

    Sorry to hear your recovery is not going to well.

    I like yourself have never been given a name of anyone in the medical team that I can contact when I have queries. It is also near in impossible to get a GP appointment. Feel like we are just left to it.

    I also had breast cancer 9 years ago and it was so different you had a dedicated nurse you could call anytime.

    I live in Northants.

    Hope you start to feel better soon and get your results.

    Take Care

  • I'm in Scotland too! Was given a named support nurse, plus two others I could contact if I needed help or advice. This was whilst the MDT were discussing my case, before I started treatment. The phone numbers are for daytime only. However, I was given a cancer treatment helpline number too.

    I would suggest contacting your surgeon's secretary for advice and referral back to the hospital if you are having problems. Or phone the Macmillan helpline. I've found that more helpful than my support nurse. 

    You should not have to struggle on your own with this! Sending hugs, and hope you feel better soon