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Hello, I have a close family  member with advanced kidney cancer who is really struggling emotionally and psychologically. He has accessed some support via Maggie’s but has anyone had help with depression via their consultant or  GP? He’s at the Western Hospital in Edinburgh and I know a few others on here are also being treated there. Any experiences or advice about getting this kind of help would be really welcome. Very best wishes to all on this hot Sunday 

  • Raised hand I'm at the WGH.  I'd suggest to phone up the support line, or the CNS or raise it at the next treatment session or appointment with oncologist.  Or just walk in to Maggies behind Ward 1 for a chat.  I've done that before and they are very welcoming.  Best wishes to your family member.  

  • Thanks so much for your reply Mmum.I really appreciate it. Is the CNS the Cancer Nurse Service?? I don’t think this is something he has connected to as yet. 

  • Cancer Nurse Specialist.  The team who administer the treatment.  Sometimes a specific nurse is assigned as a main contact, but if not it's the day centre number given at the start of treatment.  

  • If you connect with me I'll send you the number I think you need via PM.