Unusual symptoms 3 weeks after surgery

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Dear all,

I stumbled upon this community after my sweet mother had radical nephrectomy surgery (the keyhole type). Like many people here, she was unexpectedly diagnosed with clear cell RCC. Right after the surgery, she started experiencing a lot of nerve pain that gave her the tingling and sore to the touch sensation around the stomach and lower belly regions. Thankfully, the painful area has reduced since then. However, just a few days ago, she started having episodes of shoulder and rib pain on the opposite side of her removed kidney that she describes as very similar to side stitch pain. She feels a sharp when she changes positions, coughs, sneezes, laughs, and basically do any kind of sudden movements. She would feel better after lying down for some time. I have consulted her doctor, who referred us to the dept of orthopedics....but my mother is certain that there's nothing wrong with her bones as the pain is not persistent and not radiating from her bones. I then did a bunch of research online and saw that the CO2 gas they pumped into her abdomen during surgery could cause shoulder pain but that should have gone away a few days after surgery. I couldn't find anything like what she's experiencing 3 weeks after the keyhole surgery. I thought I'd post about this in this community to see if anyone had similar symptoms or could share any additional resources. Thank you and I wish everyone a very speedy recovery and improved health.

  • Hi p4cf2023,

    Welcome to you and your mother, I personally did not have theses symptoms after my op, there maybe someone else who could help but, if not have you tried the Macmillan help line on the community they would be able to reassure you or point you in the right direction, it is always a worrying time and to be suffering from pains is not good, I hope you find help for your mother soon and that she finds out what is causing her discomfort send hugs and best wishes to you both Sandy xx

    Sandra 55
  • Thank you so much Sandra. I appreciate your note and kind words. I'll look into the Macmillan help line. Thank you!

  • I had and still have, 3 months after surgery, pain at the bottom of my rib cage on the opposite side to the surgery. I also still have some discomfort from the nerve damage on the side of the op. The nerve damage pain has reduced as the weeks have gone by, the rib pain comes and goes.I haven’t bothered the doc with it but if it’s still there after my six month CT scan I will. Hope your mother is more comfortable- it’s a big operation,  even with the key hole, Hope your mother is feeling much better now.