Radiotherapy treatment ?

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After suffering renal cancer resulting in a radical nephrectomy back in 2017 I had a mestasis of the original renal cancer cells 2 years later. In June 2019 a periodic scan pick this up and I was put on Pazopanib which I am still taking. Due to an increase and pain and discomfort in the area the new cancer is (upper buttock pelvis area) I had a first 5 day course of radiotherapy that ended last Weds 26 July. I’ve not noticed anything different as yet and I’m still taking paracetamol as and when I need them as they do actually bring some relief. Has anyone experienced anything like this and how long did the therapy take to bring any relief. My pain is not constant but becomes so when sitting upright on hard surfaces or when driving for longer periods. Any comments will be most appreciated.

  • Sorry to hear your going through this again Mondeo!

    They should of told you it'll take about 4 to 6 weeks possibly before you start to notice any improvements. Mine was 8 to 9 weeks, I had started to think it wasn't going to work in treating the pain and hopefully shrinking it too, not sure about the 2nd bit, but the pain is much better now. (I can now nearly walk without my stick, how long that'll last I don't know).

    Hang in there, it's just gonna take a little while...


  • That’s a very re-assuring reply, I await the next few weeks with fingers crossed, thanks very much Anndy.