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Hi all i am 32 year old woman who had a shock diagnosis of kidney cancer and had my radical nephrectomy may 2022. Thankfully i still have the all clear but just looking for some help or someone to talk to. Year down the line i still have very bad fatigue cant see past 10pm most nights and work absolutely drains me. Does anyone else have this or know when things will get better. Its really starting to get me down 

  • get your blood tested. It might be deficiency of something causing fatigue 

  • Hi Happybird190,

    Sorry you are still feeling fatigued I personally did not suffer this after my operation, but I do have it now I understand how you feel it is so bad sometimes that I could stay in bed most days I believe mine is caused by my treatment I also have other side affects, do you still work I am lucky I am retired and my family are all grown up so I do not have to think about anybody other than my self, it is so nice to have someone to talk too I hope you get yourself sorted have you  spoken to your team or the Macmillan staff I know they are very helpful and may be able to help you take care Sandy 

    Sandra 55
  • Fortunately I am retired but that is just as well because eighteen months in I still have very poor energy levels and sleep a tremendous amount day and night.