Dry mouth and throat - Thrush?

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Hello Everyone

I know that those on Immunotherapy complain frequently about oral dryness and general discomfort. My wife is being treated with nivo only, and has been receiving treatment for RCC for nearly a year. Her condition is described as Stable. She suffers quite a bit from a dry mouth, something which she describes as being like Thrush. She has been prescribed several treatments, but nothing really seems to work. Now I'm experiencing similar discomfort - we think from sharing a cup or glass. I asked our local Pharmacist if there was an off the shelf treatment available for me. She recommended Daktarin Oral gel - has anyone tried this? Is it something she should avoid? We will wait until she can consult with her team in a week or so, but I wondered whether anyone had tried this?

Many thanks in advance


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    I noticed your post hadn't had any replies yet so I searched the group for previous posts which mention Daktarin but drew a blank I'm afraid.

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