Nausea after surgery

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Hello all,

I had a partial nethrectomy on my right kidney a week ago, and I am currently recovering at home. Just thought I would ask if anyone experienced nausea after surgery? I am still getting it 1 week on and it's driving me mad. 

Thank you.

  • Hi, I had severe nausea after my surgery for a partial nephrectomy. I don’t want to alarm you but mine turned out to be internal bleeding of my kidney artery. To be on the safe side I would ring 111 and / or contact your hospital ward to let them know how you are feeling. This is what I would strongly advise only because of what happened in my situation. Take care and let us know on here how you are and what you decide to do. 

  • I had nauseousness first week which subsided. However yesterday I didn't feel well, 3 weeks post op... pain nausea etc.. haven't contacted 111 myself, as my husband said we can ring GP tomorrow morning. See if they will see me. If you're only 1 week PO, I'd probably give them a call , I hope you're feeling better today 

  • I had total neph and after 3 days i dont have any more nausea. I think you should contact them about that

  • Hi all, my nausea has now gone, I think it was a side effect of the laxative that they prescribed me also I was taking Co codomal, which I have now stopped. I am still getting a bit of bloating and indigestion. I feel I am healing well and energy levels are slowly getting better.

  • I agree Chris, whenever I take the laxido, I feel nauseous and bloated. I suffer with constipation anyway, therefore found that only taking 1/2 sachets still assists with bowel movement but I don't get full  bloating 

  • I try their laxative whit no effects Now i used Fleet saline enema in the morning whit very good effects. Basically i empty my bowel and slowly i feel how its start working