Wound care after partial nephrectomy

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Last week I had a partial nephrectomy. I had very little discomfort from the incisions. I have six incisions. I have noticed that some of them are reddish and weeping a little. I am going to try to see someone tomorrow. They seem to weep and open after I have had a shower.I haven’t got an urology nurse as she is on maternity leave. Thank you

  • Hi, I would ring the ward you were on. I developed a lump and was worried and they told me to go straight in and a doctor checked it. It was nothing. Just a bit of a clot from me injecting myself with fragmin. It sounds like you have a bit of an infection so you need it looking at asap. 

  • Thank you. I have been to the GP and saw a nurse and a GP.She thinks they might be infected and has covered them with dressings.The nurse wants to see me again on Thursday. I have antibiotics to take.

  • The antibiotics have made me violently sick. I’m not sure whether to take more. Doctors have told me to take them.

  • Phone the cancer treatment helpline number, or 111 to get urgent advice! Tonight if possible. If you are being sick, the antibiotics may not have chance to be absorbed, so you'll need a different one.

    Take care


  • Thank you Kate. I’m feeling better this morning. I have taken one of the anti biotic and an anti sickness but allowing that to work first. I’ve showered and replaced some of the dressings. Some of them are weeping.I have a nurse appointment on Thursday

  • I'm pleased you're feeling better!

    I apologise for my rather bossy post....I was just worried that you need to get on top of the infection quickly, before it becomes a problem. Your body has enough to cope with, recovering from the surgery, so it needs all the help it can get!

    Take things easy, don't try to do too much for the next few days! Your body heals most when you're resting or asleep....

    Hope all is well!


  • I’ve been back to the nurse this afternoon. The six incisions have all been dressed and covered again.The biggest is still causing concern. A few are pustules and inflamed. I have another appointment next Wednesday. The duty doctor will decide if I need more antibiotics.The sutures will be removed next week as they are not dissolvable. Hopefully I will be told why I needed so many incisions when I go for my post op appointment.

  • Hi again EJ7861

    How are you feeling in yourself? are you still feeling sick, or is that easing now? Is any pain under control? Hope you are managing to get to sleep, without too much discomfort., and able to eat and drink. 

    I think, I might be wrong, that each small incision had a different 'job' to do during the operation. One would have been for the camera, one for the gas tube, maybe two for the tools to do the job....that leaves two for clamps to hold other things out of the way? I seem to remember reading a post on here that went into the details.

    I haven't had surgery! My case was too complicated and advanced, so you don't have to take any notice of anything I say!

    I do hope you are feeling better, and the infection is easing.

    Fingers crossed


  • Hi EJ

    Sounds like post-op period is proving tricky. I hope you get the answers and treatment needed. 

    Best wishes

    Neil (MW)