Partial nephrectomy and nodules removed

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I’m pleased to say that I had surgery yesterday. All went well and with the tumour they removed some nodules. These will be examined in the lab.I am relieved that it is over. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was well dosed with anti sickness medicine. I am going to manage without morphine just paracetamol. I can’t take morphine. Apparently I was hallucinating after surgery so I was in recovery longer than average. I’m hoping to go home later today.


  • That’s great news! I didn’t have morphine either. Liquid paracetamol was really effective ! Take care x

  • Glad this as good as over for you now and that hopefully your anxiety improves . 

  • This is great news and good to hear from you on the other side of the op. Look after yourself. 


  • Thank you. I came out of hospital yesterday. I feel a bit worse for wear today. I didn’t sleep well and ended up taking a sleeping tablet at 3.00am. They needed the beds. There was a real pressure for beds. The staff however were excellent. I had a bay to myself on the first night.I had a catheter, drip, cuffs to monitor dvt. It was impossible to sleep. I had hourly obs. Someone posted about a post operative pillow. I would be grateful if someone could point me to that ?


  • Hi, better to be at home. It’s very noisy in hospital. You need a V shaped pillow. They sell them all over. Online at Amazon or The Range, Asda George (£10). It’s very hard getting comfy. Take care x

  • Good that you are home. Was that just one night in hospital? The hospital must have been pleased with your progress post-op (and needed the beds). 

    Take care.

  • They needed the beds so I was discharged early. I’m ok and OH is looking after me.I was feeling a bit weepy as it is a big surgery to go through but fortunately mine was straightforward I was told the tumour came away cleanly. I’m not sure about the nodules but they will be tested too. I have got a V shaped pillow but still couldn’t get comfortable in bed. I’m going to have a shower soon and put on some leggings and maybe my dressing gown again.

  • I’m still not sleeping very well. I’m taking a small sleeping pill so at least I sleep until two or three. I have six incisions which are healing well with the steri strips.I am very constipated and I’m taking fybogel. The weepiness has gone although the weird dreams haven’t . I feel a tremendous amount of relief even at this point I do not know the outcome of the op. I will not know for about six weeks.

  • Hi EJ

    It's good to hear from you but I'm sorry you are not sleeping well. Is it the pain and discomfort that is keeping you awake?

    The healing incisions sounds positive. Are you up and about or confined to bed? 

    I'm still awaiting a operation date, trying my hardest put this to the back of mind but it isn't easy.

    Sending best wishes

    Neil (Monkey Wolf on here)