Read my ct scan

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So curiosity got the better of me and I read my ct scan earlier . I’m due to see the doctor on Thursday but my mind got me . I was hoping that my large kidney mass was contained but it has appeared to have gone in to lungs liver and stomach lining . I no I’m going to be stage 4 I just wondered if they will even bother offering me treatment 

  • Many stage 4 kidney cancers are treatable with immunotherapy.  Candysmum articulated it much better than I can on the "benign" thread.  What she said, 110% !!   

    Have you considered phoning the Macmillan support line 0808 808 00 00?  Sometimes it can really help to talk things through and the people on the support line are trained responders to all the emotions at play.   

  • Hi mmum, thanks for the message it’s appreciated. I have spoken to a nurse this morning on here . Im Not sure if it helped or not I was hoping she was going to tell me everything was going to be ok . But I wasn’t so lucky . Tbh I know I’m gonna be told I’m not curable just treatable like I’ve read you was told . But I just want to know I can see my daughter grow up a little before I pass away . Thanks again