Enhanced recovery pathway for partial nephrectomy

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I had a call this afternoon from my urology nurse. I didn’t know I had one. I can email her at any time and she will get in touch. This will help with the tremendous anxiety that I am experiencing about my operation. We went through the pre op again and she told me what type of pain relief will be available for me after the op. This is likely to be a spinal block as I am allergic and other meds are contraindicated. I will have a catheter which will be removed after surgery. I will be encouraged to walk very soon after surgery. The time in hospital will be two to three days. I will see her after surgery but in a different hospital. 

  • That sounds like a very helpful call, especially as you can email with any questions.

    Knowing what to expect is something that helped me, and also taking positive steps to get ready, such as organising things to make life easier for myself. For example, I thought about loose comfortable clothing which would be easy to put on, for example minimising bending and twisting with slip on shoes. I had a very well organised hospital bag. 

    Good to know that you will see the nurse later, too. Best wishes for your op and recovery. 

  • That’s really good - treatment varies so much from one place to another. Sounds like you’re being treated in a really caring place. Good luck with the op. I had full nephrectomy a year ago and I’ve made a good recovery. Hope you do too.

  • I would be interested in what to pack in a hospital bag

  • I know I wish I’d taken some track suit bottoms as I had to come home with a catheter and I’d only got the jeans I’d gone in, which I couldn’t get on, ended up coming home in pyjama bottoms. You don’t really need a lot - pyjamas, mobile phone, usual bathroom things, I was in three days and I didn’t feel like doing more than having a wash and cleaning my teeth. I was glad I’d got my dressing gown to move around the ward.

    Hopefully if you needed to stay longer someone could bring anything extra. Good luck - everyone is different but hopefully you’ll cope well with the procedure.

  • It was a while ago now but I remember putting various things in my flight bag.

    I had been told I would be walking from my room to the operating theatre so I had a button front dressing gown and slip-on shoes. A nurse put them in a plastic bag and returned them to my room when I went into theatre.

    I chose soft, loose nightwear, in my case a button front nightie as it was easy to put on. 

    I had a soap bag with small versions of the usual soap, flannel, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and my own small towel. Being female I also had a zip pouch of cosmetics, including moisturiser and lip salve.

    My discharge clothes, soft, loose around the middle, easy to put on and slip-on shoes. 

    I had a phone. In recovery I phoned home to reassure family. It was useful for arranging a pick up time with my OH. 

    I came away wearing one extra thing, the knee high compression socks provided by the hospital which I had to wear for 14 days, but I am aware that not all hospitals follow the same routines.

    There is a thread on here called ‘What to pack for hospital?’ by the way. 

    PS I always have a ten pack of tissues too! 

  • A good thing for a family member to bring on your discharge is a pillow or cushion for you to hold against you in the car. Put the seat belt over it. Saves any rubbing and  keeps the stitches/tender area snug and safe. Good to hold onto for comfort protection and if you cough. 

  • Thank you for your replies. I looked at the hospital bag post but it wasn’t specific to kidney surgery. 

  • Mobile phone charger also vital. !